Terms of quotation(s)

Any quotations provided to your business are based on the information readily available. It is your responsibility to check this information is correct prior to accepting any offer. Any quotation provided is for the use of the business quoted only and you are prohibited from forwarding it to any third party or supplier without our written permission. AT Energy (UK) Limited and the suppliers quoted reserve the right to withdraw any offer prior to acceptance.

All unit rates will be displayed in pence per kWh and all standing charges in pence per day. Suppliers may not bill these in the same frequency or they made be displayed differently on the supply acceptance agreement or on your invoices should any offer be selected (for example £/quarter or £/month). KVA costs are calculated in either p/kVa/day or £/kVa/month, supplier dependent. For half hourly supplies, any additional costs (such as meter operator (MOP), settlement, etc.) are not included unless otherwise stated.

All costings are based on the annual consumption used in the previous year (if not available, estimates will be used). All rates are exclusive of VAT and CCL. All offers are based on the information provided by you (the customer) and/or the current supplier. In the absence of such information, estimates will be used. AT Energy (UK) Limited accepts no responsibility for inaccurate information being used. If the supply uses more or less energy (kWhs) than illustrated, the cost will reflect the consumption used. All quotations are based on smart meters not being installed at the site, these may incur a higher standing charge.

All offers are subject to a satisfactory credit check being completed and are based on direct debit payment. If the payment type is changed, the discount may be withdrawn. AT Energy (UK) Limited may receive a fee/commission paid to us by the supplier for a successful contract. The proposed start date is the date we will submit to any successful supplier. It is at the supplier’s discretion to make all attempts to obtain this start date. AT Energy (UK) Limited accept no responsibility for any delay in transfer and any costs thereof.

Any queries, suggestions and comments can be made in writing to: AT Energy (UK) Limited, Southbridge House, Southbridge Place, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 4HA or via email to contactus@atenergyuk.com prior to any agreement being accepted. Alternatively, you can contact your account manager for clarification, if required/applicable.