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Our bright idea...

We do not want to assist your business for one renewal but for every renewal

The way we achieve this is to ensure we do what it takes to gain your business renewal after renewal. We will assist your business to secure the right price at the right time and couple this with the award winning account management services you will receive and we are positive that you will continue to use our services, renewal after renewal.

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What is a utility broker...

What is a utility broker?

Utility brokers are the portal into the energy market and beyond...

A utility broker, or third party intermediary, is a one stop shop for the gas, electricity and water markets.

It is not just sourcing competitive deals live from the market that make using a utility broker valuable to your business, it is all of the other perks and services that they offer: terminations, initiating the switch (if applicable), invoice validation and billing queries, objection resolutions and much more.

Why should I use you?

We work for you, not the supplier...

Most, if not all utility brokers will claim to be the best on the market and can obtain the most competitive offers for your business. This is wholly dependent on which suppliers they contact and what relationships they have with said suppliers. We can source from over 29 utility providers and are completely independent - meaning we have no allegience or preference to any single supplier, only to you! 

We will source the best terms we can for your business. Couple this with our aftercare services and you won't look back after utilising our services.

Our code of practice...

We set our own unwavering standards...

Our ethos is to put the customer first in everything we do. This is why we introduced our own code of practice in 2012 that we follow regimentally. 

Our code of practice principles are:

- Responsibility: It is our responsibility to ensure every team member is fully trained and fully compliant with our code.

- Honesty and Transparency: It is our responsibility that all team members are honest and transparent in everything they do. 

- Compliancy: It is our responsibility to ensure all team members are compliant with the laws and regulations applicable to us.

How we achieve meeting and exceeding these principles is by having a full and thorough training process, with regular updates and assessments to ensure all team members continue to meet our exacting standards. We only recommend or offer quotations that the customer actually needs. All suppliers terms and conditions are always provided. We do not conduct verbal agreements, we only accept secure e-signed documents or ink copies. We meet all standards set out by all of the individual supplier agreements we hold. We are ICO registered (registration number Z3198600) and are fully GDPR compliant. We have a full and thorough complaints procedure should the unlikely need for a complaint is required.

What obligations are there to you and what are the costs?

There is never any obligation to use our services...

It is becoming increasingly common for a utility broker to try and tie your business into exclusivity agreements but that is not our way and goes against the whole principle of using a utility broker. There is and never will be any obligation to use our services or accept any of our offers - the way we think it should be. The only agreement with us is not even an agreement in the truest sense of the form - it is a permission slip (known as a letter of authority) and acts as a confirmation to suppliers that we have permission to obtain quotations on your behalf. Standard letters of authority are valid for 12 months as is industry standard but our is revocable at any time, simply drop us an email or call your account manager to do this.

It is important to know how we earn our fee. This can be made up from one of two things; Either we will receive a fee from the successful supplier who wins your business or we will receive a commission based on the amount of energy you use, usually included within the rates you agree. In both cases, the successful supplier will pay us the fee/commission which can be included in the cost of your energy by the successful supplier (if applicable). This means you will never receive an invoice or a bill from us for any of our services. If we are not successful in securing your renewal with one of the suppliers we have tendered with, we receive no fee. 

Any further information required is available from your dedicated account manager.

Which suppliers can we source quotations from...

We are an independent utility broker and consultancy which means we have no preferred supplier and our only allegiance is to you, the customer. 

We have the ability to source contracts from over 36 utility providers. These will include some of the below and many more...

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