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With utility markets as volatile as ever, there has never been a better time to utilise the services of a utility consultant!

From non-half hourly to half hourly, from single sites to multi-national multiple meters, from single rate to seasonal time of day, we've got your covered. 

Our team of utility experts have been assisting business customers for almost two decades secure the best deals for their 

electricity, gas & water renewals and have saved them hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process. 

Audit & Analysis

Our first priority is to conduct a thorough audit of your utility accounts. We will establish when the renewals are due, the rates you are currently paying, how they compare to the market presently and if there are any over payments on the account that are due back to you. All of this can be presented to you in a simple, easy to read report.

Utility Procurement

With our audit complete, we will advise you when the right time is to start the tendering process of your utility account(s). We will tender your supply with our panel of over 36 utility providers and source the most cost effective, tailor made packages for your renewal needs. We will assist you fully with agreeing the new plan with the supplier(s) and manage the transfer process fully to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Account Management

Our services do not end with the procurement of your new utility plan. We are on hand throughout the duration of the term to assist you with any queries you may have and liaise with the supplier on your behalf - this is what we do best and frees up your time so you can focus on what you do best. We will be in touch in plenty of time for your next renewal, another potential headache taken care of.

Additional Services...

Invoice validation, reporting and compliance
Siteworks and metering services
Renewable energy and energy efficiency
Invoice validation, reporting and compliance

Whether you require assistance with your multi-site invoice billing, require assistance with meeting your SECR, TCR, EII and ESOS deadline(s) and eligibility, or require fully bespoke reports on your utility portfolio, we can assist you with any of the above and much, much more.

Siteworks and metering services

From new supply meter installs, meter alterations and upgrades, we can assist you with all of your sitework requirements quickly and effectively. We have extensive experience in half hourly supplies and can provide comprehensive kVa analysis and MOP services.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency

We can provide advice and assistance with all things renewable and green. Whether this be renewable energy procurement, solar panel installation or you want to understand industry rules or how to reduce your energy usage and footprint, our team of experts are on hand to assist you.

Common Procurement Questions...

When can you quote my renewal?

You can quote your renewals a year in advance with limited suppliers but it is usually advisable (market forecast dependent) to wait until at least six months prior to the renewal date to ensure you receive a full, competitive range of offers from the market.

What do you need to quote my supply?

We need the following information to obtain quotations for you:

- Supply number (MPAN for electricity, MPRN for gas or SPID for water)

- Annual consumption (the usage affects rates with some suppliers)

- Current contract end date (when the new agreement starts affects rates with some suppliers)

- Current supplier (the current suppliers offers may change if you are an existing or acquisition customer)

- Letter of authority (a permission slip)

This information can be found on your most recent invoice. You can either relay the information to us, complete our quote my business page or send us the invoice and we can extrapolate it for you.

What can you obtain quotations for?

We can tender everything and anything utility related...

We can tender any commercial single site or multi-site: half-hourly and non-half hourly electricity, small and large gas or commerical water supply. Our clients range from single site newsagents to multi-site property management companies with over 300 units. No matter the size, you will receive the same dedication and professionalism.

What is a letter of authority?

Simply put, a permission slip...

A letter of authoirty (LoA) is a permission slip signed by you that we send to suppliers to confirm we have permission to act on your behalf. 

An LoA can be signed traditionally and scanned, posted of faxed back to us or completed with a secure e-sign platform. 

An LoA is not a contract with us, it has an industry standard validity of 12 months, but can be revoked by you at any time. 

An LoA does not give us the permission to agree contracts on your behalf.

How long a contract can you source?

3 months to 60 months

We actively source contracts from multiple suppliers for anything from three months to a maximum of 60 months (five years). How long you choose to secure for is wholly your choice. Your account manager will provide guidance on the current market conditions as well as future predicted trends giving you the unbiased, independent information you need to make an informed decision yourself. We do not do the strong arm, hard sell approach and never will!

Can you align contracts?

Yes and we recommend it...

Aligning contracts is an excellent way to organise the utilities for a multi-site company and also can increase your allure to some suppliers when tendering.

Which suppliers can you source quotations from?

Over 36 utility providers and counting

We have the ability to source quotations with over 36 providers and counting. We are always on the lookout for new suppliers to add to our portfolio as well!

Can I change supplier?

Yes... and no...

Providing you are not in debt with your current provider, termination has been issued correctly and you satisfy the credit stipulations of a new supplier, yes you can change supplier at the end of your current agreement. If this criteria is not met, you will not be able to change supplier unfortunately. 

Broadly speaking, it is usually cheaper to change supplier and there is usually little or no incentive to remain loyal to one supplier in current times but there are instances when the current supplier is the cheapest or the difference is so nominal,  it makes little sense in changing supplier. 

Your account manager will provide all of these key pieces of information when sending you your custom offers. 

What is termination?

Termination is notifying your current supplier of your intent to leave...

The vast majority of suppliers require a termination notice to be issued to allow your supply to transfer to another. This is usually 30 days for micro businesses and between 30 and 90 days for non-micro businesses (supplier dependent). 

A termination notice, usually required by email, alerts your current supplier that when the current agreement ends, you intend to change supplier - but it does not mean you have to leave and you can still renew with them if you so wish. 

It does not cancel your current agreement (this is in place until the end of your planned duration in line with the suppliers terms and conditions) or turn your supply off. It is required to stop your current supplier objecting to a transfer to a new supplier.

Your account manager can help you with this and even issue it for you with your prior permission

Will there always be a saving?

Unfortunately not...

Our aim is to beat your current rates but if there was always a saving, we would reach a point when your supplier would end up paying you for the energy. What we actively do is source the most competitive rates we can and we guarantee to beat your renewal offer. If we achieve our aim of beating your current rates, then it is win-win all round. 

Can you help me with a change of tenancy?


Whether you have just bought or taken on a new commercial property, we can assist you with the process known as the change of tenancy (COT) or change of occupier (COO).

For this, we and suppliers require documentation to prove the change of tenancy is genuine. This can be a solicitor letter, land registry letter or lease agreement and once confirmed by the supplier, we can assist you with your new agreements going forward.

Always remember to take photographs of the meter readings on the day you take ownership/leave a commercial property.

What is the process of agreeing a new plan?

This is dependent on whether you change supplier or not...

If you renew with your current supplier:

- Choose the length of plan you require.

- We will send you the formal supplier documentation to proceed with this plan.

- Once we receive the agreement back form you, we instruct the supplier of the new plan going forward. 

- The supplier implement this plan on their system to continue after the current arrangement ends.

- We confirm the new plan has been implemented on the start date.

If you are changing the supplier: 

- Choose the length of plan you require and the supplier you wish to opt for.

- We will send you the formal supplier documentation to proceed with this plan.

- Once we receive the agreement back form you, we instruct the supplier of the new plan going forward. 

- The new supplier inputs this plan on their system and registers to gain your supply for the day after your current arrangement ends.

- Termination is issued (if required) and confirmed as accepted.

- We confirm the supply has been gained and the new plan has been implemented on the start date. 

- If any objections to the transfer arise, we will keep you updated as well as remedy them (if possible).

In both instances, our team will manage the process from start to finish and keep you updated along the journey!

Do you offer ongoing support?

Not only do we offer it, we pride ourselves on it!

No supplier is perfect and mistakes can happen. Billing queries, VAT queries, metering queries, meter readings etc. are all potential obstacles but this is where our relationships built with suppliers over the last 15+ years help and we can take this burden away.

Alert your dedicated account manager to any issues or email/WhatsApp a photo of your meter readings and they will handle the rest as well as providing a handy reminder when your renewal window next opens. 

We are your one point of contact for all of your utility accounts.

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